icon-tourism-realvista2In tourism, it’s vital for your words to reach potential visitors, and large numbers of those potential visitors are English speakers. I’ve translated all kinds of tourism material, from guides to leaflets to websites, and I’ve visited all kinds of tourist attractions myself in the countries that speak my working languages. I nearly always come away thinking the translations could have been better. So let me prove it to you by making your tourism texts really impressive.

Signs explaining a historical site which I translated for the Parc des Pyrénées in southern France.

rafting"We've been working with Simon for just over a year. We're a company offering active tourism and he's done lots of translations for us from the beginning, including the website and brochures, as well as answering one-off linguistic queries. We're delighted with his speed, efficiency and professionalism. We won't hesitate to continue working with him."

Dolça Puig, La Rafting Company March 22, 2016

cossetania"As well as what they're about, books have to transmit emotions. A good translation has to be able to maintain that emotion in another language and that's not always easy. Simon Berrill has been working with Cossetània Edicions for some time and the books on tourism which he translates into English help put across the city's exciting cultural heritage to its visitors."

June 4, 2015

logoPNR2"Throughout his work for the Catalan Pyrenees Regional Natural Park, Simon Berrill has shown us that he has the capacity to successfully complete a project as important as this one, involving two UNESCO world heritage listed sites.

He has shown overall vision, ability to react and real cultural, academic and heritage thoroughness as part of an action involving multiple partners.

His ability to react, autonomy and flexible working have resulted in a quality translation job.

As well as these competences, Mr. Berrill has the essential technical and academic virtues and qualities to support the planning and implementation of a series of international signs taking account of the concerns and requirements of a UNESCO site.

All his experience, together with his education, make Simon Berrill a creative translator, whose technical ability and knowledge have been real assets for my work and for the success of this project."


Benjamin Maccioni UNESCO project coordinator May 22, 2014