The Catalan language

Catalunya Catalonia FlagCatalan is a language with hundreds of years of history. It belongs to the Romance family, just like Spanish, French and Italian, but it is not a dialect of any of them. It is spoken by approximately 10 million people, mostly in Catalonia, the Valencian region, the Balearic Islands, Andorra (where it is the official language), part of France and the city of Alghero on Sardinia.

I started learning Catalan in 1998, even before I moved to live in Catalonia: it’s my wife’s first language, and my son’s. So I’m not like many English-speakers ­– even some translators – in Catalonia who live their lives almost entirely in Spanish. For me, Catalan is a real language that’s part of my everyday existence.

That means translating from Catalan comes completely naturally to me and I’m often called on by customers who need work in the Catalan-English combination. So if you’ve got texts in Catalan that you need in English, you don’t need to wait until you’ve got them in Spanish. Send them to me and I’ll get to work straightaway.