saxoAs part of the entertainment industry, music venues also attract foreign visitors, and that means they need good translations. I’ve always enjoyed music – I even spent part of my early journalistic career as a rock and pop correspondent – and over the years I’ve carried on buying music and going to concerts. That makes it one of the subjects I most enjoy translating, and I’ve been lucky enough to attract regular customers bringing me this kind of work, particularly the Barcelona company Mas i Mas, which has clubs and concert venues throughout the city and runs an important music festival during the summer. For them and other customers, I’ve translated programmes, leaflets and information for everything from rock and jazz gigs to classical and orchestral concerts. So I know how to make your musical translations sound perfect.

logo mas-i-mas“We started working with Simon for the translations of a magazine that was published in 2007 and we have carried on doing things together ever since. He now does all the translations of programmes and publications for our live music venues in Barcelona. We work to tight deadlines and I have to say that working with Simon is very fluid because he makes everything easy. He’s flexible, quick and very professional. Whenever I send him a job he gives a delivery date and he’s never been late, quite the contrary.”

Imma Flores Printing and Production at Mas i Mas April 8, 2014