The price of a translation depends on various things, above all the number of words and the difficulty of the text. If you send a document to me for a quote, provided it is in a format in which I can count the words easily, I will give you a firm estimate, including the rate per word I’m applying. If it is in an image format, which includes certain kinds of pdf file, it will be much more difficult to count the words and, for this reason, I won’t be able to give a firm estimate, just an idea of the probable cost, as the final price will depend on the number of words in the translation. I do apply a minimum charge of 20 euros. This is because every translation, even a small one, requires various administrative tasks: answering e-mails, downloading, storing and processing files, preparing bills and so on. For full details of the rates I generally apply, please contact me.

How long will it take?

This also depends on the difficulty of the text, but, in general, I can translate about 4,000 words a day. I won’t necessarily be able to start straightaway because of commitments to other customers, but I will always give you the earliest delivery date I can.

What is your translation process?

Once you confirm the translation, I study the original texts closely and look for any special difficulties. Then I normally import them into a translation tool called MemoQ. This is not a machine and it doesn’t do my work for me, it simply makes it easier for me to produce a high-quality, consistent translation. I then translate the text all the way through. When I have finished, and if possible after a break, I edit the translation to check it and to improve the style and flow of the English. I then spellcheck it in MemoQ and carry out other quality checks before exporting it back into its original format. In this final form, I proofread the translation, polishing the English still further and making a final check for mistakes, before running an automated spell and grammar check. Finally, I deliver your finished translation, usually by e-mail.

Why should I choose you?

Choose me for your translations into English because I can give you an excellent service. You don’t have to take my word for it: just read the many testimonials on this website from satisfied customers. And choose me because if you do you’ll know exactly who’s doing your translations. I won’t pass them on to anyone else to do, so you’ll be communicating directly with your translator.

Translator X says she’ll do the translation cheaper. Why should I pay more?

My rates are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive on the market. Obviously other translators are free to charge what they like and you are free to take a cheaper option if you wish, but, as with other services, you usually get what you pay for. If you do choose a cheaper translator and have an unfortunate experience, please feel free to come back to me for future work.

Your translation quote has come out far above my budget. What can I do?

Please talk to me about it. One option would be to review exactly what you need translated. If you can reduce the length of the texts, it may be possible to match the available budget.

What’s wrong with Google translate?

Nothing if all you want is a rough understanding of a website in a language you don’t speak. But please don’t trust it to produce important texts in another language. The poor quality will be obvious and you run the risk of embarrassing mistakes.

What happens if I want a translation in other language combinations?

I’m not a translation agency but I do have many contacts in the translation industry and I’m a member of various translators’ associations. So if you ask me for a language combination I don’t work in I will find you a translator you can trust and you can deal with him or her direct. I make no charge for this service.

Do you do interpreting?

Interpreting is a special skill and, although I tried it a few times, I soon decided it wasn’t for me. But, through my contacts in the industry and membership of various associations, I will be happy to find you an interpreter to meet your needs. I make no charge for this service.