What services do you provide?

The bulk of my work is translation, but I also offer copywriting services (producing English texts from a brief), and editing (revising or correcting texts written in English). Please contact me for further details.

How much is my job going to cost?

Price depends on various things, above all the number of words, the difficulty of the text, whether the job is urgent and whether a revisor is being used. If you send me a document for a quote, I will give you a firm estimate, based on these and other factors. Please contact me for a no-strings quote.

How long will it take?

This also depends on the difficulty and length of the text and whether we agree to use a revisor. My commitments to other clients will also have to be taken into account. I will always give you the earliest delivery date I can depending on these circumstances.

How do you achieve top quality?

Firstly, I work as carefully as possible. I use technology to help me – tools like MemoQ and PerfectIt to ensure consistency and a spellcheck, of course. Then, I always revise my own work twice before delivering it. Finally, for the most important jobs, particularly texts for publication, I work with experienced revisors who suggest improvements and changes to ensure an impeccable result.

Why should I choose you?

Choose me for your translation into English or copywriting job because I can give you an excellent service. You don’t have to take my word for it, just read the many testimonials on this website from satisfied customers. And choose me because, if you do, you’ll know exactly who’s doing the work for you. I won’t pass it on to anyone else to do, so you’ll be communicating directly with the person producing your texts in English.

Someone else says they can do the job cheaper. Why should I pay more?

I don’t pretend to be the cheapest option because what interests me is providing quality. You are, of course, free to take a cheaper option if you wish but, as with other services, you usually get what you pay for. If you do choose someone else and have an unfortunate experience, please feel free to come back to me for future work.

The price you have quoted is way above my budget. What can I do?

Please talk to me about it. One option would be to review exactly what needs doing. If you can reduce the size of the job, it may be possible to match the available budget.

What’s wrong with machine translation?

The claims made for the capabilities of machine translation are wildly exaggerated. It’s fine if you want a rough understanding of a website written in a language you don’t speak, for example, but please don’t trust it to produce important texts. The poor quality will be obvious and you run the risk of embarrassing mistakes.

How can you help me if I want a translation into a language other than English?

I’m not a translation agency, but I do have many contacts in the business and I’m a member of several translators’ associations. So if you ask me for a language combination I don’t work in, I will find you a translator you can trust to deal with direct. I make no charge for this service: I’m happy to help you as a potential future client of mine and to help my colleague by introducing them to a potential customer.