Simon Berrill professional translator

My whole working life has been about the English language. When I started, as a journalist in the United Kingdom, I was writing local news reports and features. In more recent years, as a translator, I’ve been picking out the meanings of pieces written in other languages and transferring them to my own. But the aim has been the same: to produce clear, concise, accurate texts written with a touch of class.

I enjoy life but I take my work seriously. That’s why I’m always trying to improve my skills, a concern that led me to join translators’ organisations such as the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and the Chartered Institute of Linguists, based in the UK; Mediterranean Editors and Translators, based in Barcelona; and the Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters of Catalonia. I regularly attend and speak at conferences and run workshops and I’m a member of a small group of translators who regularly review each other’s work with a view to learning and improving. I have also had articles on translation published in the journals of the American, French, Turkish and Greek translators’ associations. That is the level of professionalism and enthusiasm for my work which I can bring to your projects.

Living in Catalonia, I speak two of my source languages – Catalan and Spanish – every day, and I use the other – French – on my frequent visits to France. Out of personal interest, I make frequent visits to heritage sites, museums and wineries and go to concerts, restaurants and sports events. I can bring all this language expertise and up-to-date knowledge to your translations and texts.

Among the projects I’m proudest of are websites and exhibition catalogues for museums, books on subjects ranging from art to football and even plays and poetry, as well as press releases, brochures and articles. Clients from Catalonia and Spain, but also France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Chile and the United States have all trusted my services and many of them are happy to repeat the experience. Would you like to join them? You’ll find my contact details here.

Member of Chartered Institute of Linguistics Member of MET Member of APTIC Member of WSET