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journalism translation


“If you’ve got a message to put across or an article to translate, I can give you perfect English and exactly the right tone.”

history translations


“I love translating historical texts not just because I have a history degree – the subject is one of my great passions in life.”

tourism translation


“In tourism I can provide you with the message you need to reach the large numbers of potential visitors who are English speakers.”
sports translations


“A sporting translation is no good unless the translator knows how to talk about the subject, which is where I can help.”

business translations


“If you’re in business, you need a translator who understands what you’re talking about. I can honestly say that I do.”
Food & drink

Food & drink

“Whether you’ve got a restaurant needing to attract visitors or a food product to sell to foreigners, my English translations can make a big difference.”


“I can help museums, art galleries and theatres to put their messages across to English-speaking visitors.”
Music translations


“As part of the entertainment industry, music venues also attract English-speaking visitors and that’s where my translations come in.”

Who does your translations?

Your website, your presentations and your sales material make a difference to how people see you and your business. And, if you’re trying to find customers or attract visitors from other countries, they are even more important. You might spend thousands on a logo or one web design, but how much care do you take over the material you produce in English? Who does your translations?

If you do them yourself, are you sure your command of English is good enough not to make mistakes that could embarrass you and your business? Do you really trust the sales manager’s daughter who’s just come back from a three-month stay in London to do a professional job? Can you get away with just running it all through Google translate? And if you contact a translation agency, how do you know who they’ll get to do the job?

Come to SJB Translations and all these worries will be a thing of the past. My name is Simon Berrill and I can cater for all your Spanish, Catalan and French to English translation needs. If you wish, I can also correct texts in English or write original copy in the language. You can rely on me because I’ve been writing and correcting texts in English for more than 25 years, and translating since 2001. You can rely on me because of the millions of words I’ve translated since then and the dozens of satisfied customers who come back to me time and again because they like my work and the way I treat them. You can rely on me because with SJB Translations you can meet me or phone me or Skype me and you will know exactly who’s doing your translations.
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Simon has worked with us translating theatre texts and our website.

Working with Simon gives us security and confidence. He is punctual with deliveries and he's a perfectionist, striving to find the right terms to give the best results. He's always there when we need him. Thanks for everything, Simon We hope to continue working with you in the future!

Diego Lorca and Pako Merino August 8, 2019

Simon Berrill Traducciones Profesionales

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